Decoupled Hybrid Methods for Unsteady Flow Analysis in Pipe Networks

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ISBN 956-8142-17-7

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Nowadays there are many algorithms designed for solving waterhammer in pipe networks, even though some of them have numerical limitations which could restrict their general application. This book introduces six new and original hybrid numerical algorithms aimed for solving waterhammer which are able to be applied in those cases where standard methods may present numerical problems.

A hybrid method (HM) is a combination between two or more numerical schemes seeking to avoid some problems which MOC (or other scheme) may present whenever it is used for solving the waterhammer in pipe networks with a complex configuration, where it is only possible to keep the numerical stability and convergence changing some initial parameters (wave speeds, pipe lengths, etc.). In general overview, due to numerical properties of the hybrid methods, they do not need to change any initial parameter in order to keep its numerical stability and convergence.

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